Our Heroes: a group of adventurers whose names have been lost to time. Ask ten bards to tell this tale, and each will attribute it to a different band of heroes whose legends started in obscurity.

The Tale: started two days before our heroes entered the Yawning Portal Inn with the return of Muskegg the Blessed to the very same tavern. The Half-Orc Cleric and his comrades went down the “Yawning Portal” into Undermountain for gold and glory. He returned with the usual tales of his allies killed in spectacular fashion. Amidst his terrifying tale was the claim that a new lair in Undermountain, never seen before, had been revealed to him as he fled for safety.

Even taken with a grain of salt, the rumour of a new level to the infamous dungeon spread quickly. In a few days, expedition crews, adventurer guilds, and tomb robbers from across the continent would converge on Waterdeep to investigate. Fortunately for our heroes, the power and wealth that comes from being an Archmage or a legendary Warlord comes with duties and obligations that does not allow one to leap down a dungeon at the drop of a hat.

The first people to explore the new lair would be rootless vagabonds with no experience and eager to gain a reputation, much like our heroes. Our tale begins at the Yawning Portal Inn…

Halaster's Lost Apprentice